STLDOCC members offer a wide range of prenatal, labor, and postpartum services, such as physical and emotional support during labor, childbirth education, lactation consulting, nutritional support, holistic wellness support, and much more.

How much does a doula cost? STLDOCC is a collective of private doula businesses providing services to low income families under the Jamaa Birth Village sliding scale.  The cost of doula care ranges from $360-$960 depending on your income level. You will need to complete a sliding scale form to determine your income bracket. 

Are doula services covered under private insurance or Medicaid? Currently doula services are not covered under Medicaid, however, we are working collectively to implement doula coverage. 

Our doulas are no in-network with private insurance companies, and most expecting parents who have private insurance pay out of pocket. If you have a Flex Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HCS), there is a possibility that your insurance provider will reimburse your doula care expenses. Contact your employer or insurance company to verify prior to calling to set up your doula care. 

What population does STLDOCC serve? Our doulas are trained to serve mothers of color with a special focus on families living within the Promise Zone. Although, we provide access to low income families, doula care is available to anyone seeking prenatal, birth, and postnatal services.

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